School Bus Solution
Time: Jan 31 , 2023

● Each vehicle installs five cameras, a telephone monitoring pickup. a voice talk-back handle, a drive alarm button, a students get-off car alarm button, a alarm ight( with siren function),one fireproof box,one fuel cut-off electric control relay.

● Driver alarm button can support network platform, SMS and a key telephone trigger for emergency rescuing more timely.

● Use RFID technology to transmit RFID card information of students get on &off to vehicle intelligence terminal,vehicle intelligence terminal will record remotely and local at the same time, support continue transmission after break-point.

● Supports students get on & off JPEG image capture function and pictures can be stored in the server.

● Equipped with a "confirm button of all students get on & off bus " mandatory confirmation student has been off to prevent student left on the vehicle. Send SMS to parents timely,include the time of get on and off and position . Help parents keep track of their kids’ status. If vehicle is off without driver's confirmation, monitoring center will receive warning messages, siren sounds and lights flash on the vehicle.

● With fireproof box,built-in 32GB SD card ,to achieve HDD and SD card video recording storage simultaneously time.when vehicle catches fire. It also can guarantee the storage data in the fire box playback completely and provide the evidence for the accidents.

● All school buses running will be controlled by managers and supervisors by control center management platform.

● Quickly getting each bus detail information from customized vehicle information report.


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