Vehicle ultrasonic fuel consumption sensor

Vehicle ultrasonic fuel consumption sensor, tank liquid level monitoring. Ultrasonic fuel consumption sensor is easy to be mounted in the different vehicles, non-contact measurement, connects with MDVR via RS232/RS485 and upload data to the server.

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Product Detail

Vehicle ultrasonic fuel consumption sensor

Product introduction

TS-541 Vehicle ultrasonic fuel consumption sensor uses high-frequency ultrasonic detection technology to measure the height of non-contact liquid surface of fuel and liquid substances. Compared with the traditional liquid level detection equipment, the ultrasonic liquid level has high measurement accuracy and is easy to use. It can be mounted (does not destroy the container structure) and connected to the networked equipment to achieve remote liquid level monitoring. The ultrasonic oil level sensor is specialized for the installation and algorithm optimization of the vehicle oil volume monitoring, which can adapt to the complex road conditions and the real-time oil volume monitoring for the vehicles with a special fuel tank, and can also output stable data to the tank liquid level of the dangerous goods transport vehicles. It is also a kind of Vehicle DVR fuel control system.

Mobile DVR ultrasonic fuel consumption sensor

Product characteristics

  • Waterproof, lightweight structure design, do not open hole installation;
  • Unique double bolted bolt fixed bracket, simple installation, firmly fixed, easy to remove;
  • DC 5V and 9~36V power supply, suitable for a variety of positioning host and vehicles;
  • RS232 / RS485 / 4-20mA current / 0-5V voltage analog quantity of four communication interfaces;
  • Super signal strength, suitable to fuel tanks and tanks of different materials;
  • Built-in anti-interference structure and circuit, intelligent algorithm filtering, high and stable output;
  • Built-in high-precision calculation model, millimeter-level measurement resolution

Scope of application

  • Vehicle remote fuel consumption monitoring;
  • Body fluid level monitoring of hazardous chemical transport vehicles;
  • Remote monitoring of fuel consumption of construction machinery;
  • Water level monitoring of the sprinkler water tank;
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption of Marine fuel tank;
  • Liquid level measurement of liquid storage tank (single level);
  • Filling of liquid gas measurement

Essential parameter


Specification description


Input voltage



Two voltage versions

Working current




Anti-hazard classification

Benan Exia II CT6


Measuring range



Measurement accuracy



Resolution ratio



Measuring Angle




Thickness of tested


Blind area of 5cm (3)



Blind area of 10cm (3)




Communication interface

RS232 / RS485


Communication rate

9600 bit/S

Porter rate adjustable

Line order definition

Black-ground line; Red-positive pole; Yellow-TX / B; Green-RX / A

Product size

Vehicle ultrasonic fuel consumption sensor

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