What is Commercial Vehicle Mobile DVR Video System?
Time: November 08, 2021

What is Mobile DVR? Mobile DVR solutions are Mobile Digital Video Recorder systems that have been built especially for TRANSIT / TRANSPORTATION based video surveillance.

Commercial vehicle mobile DVR system usually supports connection of 4-12 cameras(Full HD 1080P cameras or AHD cameras) that aid drivers in doing their duties safely. These systems ensure the highest level of safety and security to a fleet.

A mobile DVR system (mobile digital video recorder) has been specially designed for applications in buses, trucks, taxi, trams, metro, ambulances and other private vehicles.

Differences Between a Mobile DVR and a Regular DVR

POWER SUPPLY – A regular DVR is powered by an adaptor / indoor power source and has a consistent voltage – DC 12V.

A mobile DVR, on the other hand, is powered by the vehicle and enables wide voltage input/unstable voltage during engine start-up or braking when voltage drops to 8V or less or spikes up to 36V.

ANTI-VIBRATION MECHANISM – A mobile DVR is built with vibration in mind, which is unavoidable in vehicles because they are continuously in motion and can lead to mechanical failure.

The materials used for anti-vibration / shock-proof systems are employed in the mobile DVR.

How Mobile DVR System Can Benefit Your Organization

Running a large commercial fleet can be stressful and expensive. Fleet operators are under great pressures to achieve optimal performance and lower running costs.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits these systems can provide you and your organization.

Safeguard Vehicles and Drivers

The mobile DVR system with GPS allows fleet managers and transport operators to have live-stream HD footage from individual vehicle cameras across the whole fleet to their desktop PC or mobile device with the press of a button.

The technology also incorporates a two-way voice communication system into the dash-screen, providing a direct link between the transport manager and each vehicle/driver in the fleet — a feature commonly employed by emergency services and blue light operations.

As a result, a firm can quickly track, monitor, and communicate with each of their cars and drivers in real-time, which is a tremendous benefit in any crucial circumstance and essential for protecting the fleet from any logistical hazards. This has been especially valuable for hauliers crossing foreign borders, where unlawful access by persons might result in a significant security breach.

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