What is a Forklift Video Surveillance System?
Time: November 08, 2021

A typical forklift Video system comes with a mobile DVR,1-2 cameras and a monitor. Through the monitor, the operator will be able to see all that is going on in the forklift.

The video from the cameras is shown on the screen, anything you see on the monitor is updated in real time.

Front View for Fork – You can see if the fork is placed correctly on the monitor with a camera mounted on the inside of the right-hand fork. This makes it easier to avoid inserting the forks wrongly and increases protection when picking up or putting down pallets.

Fork Carriage – The camera is mounted on the fork carriage or on the mast cross-beam of the innermost mast section, giving the driver a clear view of the forks or other front-end attachments through the monitor.

This enables the driver to maneuver the truck into the best possible position to pick up or lay down goods correctly on the first try, reducing the risk of injury and accidents.

Rear View – As it indicates, camera would be placed at back of a lift truck. When reversing, the image channel will be zoomed, you’ll have a clear view of the work area at the back of the forklift and be able to drive more safely.

This prevents forklift, warehouse, products, and people from being damaged. When reverse gear is engaged, the monitor in the cab automatically turns to the rear view. You can also choose whether to operate the machine automatically or manually.

How does a forklift video security system affect a company’s bottom line?

1. Increases the Safety of Pedestrians

2. Reduced Product Damage Rates

3. Blind Spots Reduced or Removed

4. Boost Your Productivity

5. Improves Ergonomics

6. Assist with Placing and Retrieving High Loads

Forklift truck accidents are bad for everyone involved, including the operator, your business, and your fleets. Having the proper equipment on your forklift trucks will drastically reduce the chances of being involved in an accident.

As a result, it’s important that your operator and trucks have all of the necessary tools to operate in the safest possible environment.

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